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HR Update: The New Independent Contractor Compliance Rules
If you classify any workers as "independent contractors" – or have plans to do so – now is the time to make sure you get that classification correct. ...Read More
Payroll Compliance: Preparing for Year-End and 2021
Business Management Daily webinarThe most valuable commodity you have is time. And, if you handle payroll compliance, time is running out. ...Read More
Setting the Rules for Remote Work: Legal Requirements & Considerations
Remote Employee ComplianceImportant steps to take now that work-from-home has gone from a popular perk to a permanent solution. ...Read More
Coronavirus & the Workplace: Navigating an Employer's Legal and Safety Obligations
Business Management Daily webinarAs more employees return to the workplace, your HR department needs to take the correct steps now to protect employees from COVID-19 – and to protect the organization from the huge spike in virus lawsuits. ...Read More
Performance Review Workshop
Business Management Daily webinarRegular performance appraisals provide that critical feedback loop between managers and employees. ...Read More