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Employee Benefits Trends for 2024
 • Why you should consider emerging and attractive benefits, including reproductive coverage and paid parental leave.
• Review your benefits package from looking at the totality of the employee, and offer physical, financial, mental benefits, and more.
• How EAP programs are advancing and why you should make sure yours is still competitive.
• Why skills and training development are crucial to your offerings.
• How what you offer will increase your retention rates if done right.
• Strategies to combat rising health-care and pharmaceutical costs.
• New governance and how that impacts you.  ...Read More
Successful 1099 Filing: How to Avoid Fines and Penalties and Comply with Tough New Regulations
 • What's changed with 1099s and how you should respond.
• What is a Transmitter Control Code and why do you need one?
• When you must file both Form1099-MISC and Form 1099-NEC.
• 3 crucial rules to determine if you need to file 1099 forms.
• 8 airtight steps for completing 1099s that will keep the IRS off your back — forever.
• Crucial moves in the next month to keep your 1099 process on track.
• Box-by-box reporting requirements for Form 1099-NEC and Form 1099-MISC.
• Why you may need to give 1099s to employees, too — not just independent contractors.
• How to tell if a contractor's Taxpayer ID Number is legit and what to do if it's not.
• The 6 crucial moves to activate the new safe harbor for de minimis math errors.
• Two free IRS services that should wipe out penalties for filing incorrect forms.  ...Read More
Accommodate or Terminate? How to Legally Draw the Line
 • Which accommodations are required by you under the ADA, FMLA and other employee-protection laws.
• What to do when accommodations aren't working, including when you can legally say “no” or terminate the worker.
• Know the difference between FMLA leave for health issues and reasonable accommodations under the ADA. They sometimes overlap—and sometimes don't.
• See exactly what your job descriptions must say about “essential” and non-essential functions.
• Find out exactly what you must do (and document) when an employee requests an accommodation.
• Some may not want to return to the post-pandemic workplace. When must you allow WFH, and when can you draw a hard line?
• The ADA and FMLA may require extra leave or a revised schedule. When can you ask for more proof—or say “no”?
• Know when employees can legally cite disability or religion for refusing company vaccine mandates—and how you must accommodate.
• Discover resources for finding the best possible accommodation for your organization.  ...Read More
Negativity Detox: A Workshop for Managers
 • The impact of tolerating harmful behaviors.
• The ripple effect of chronic negativity.
• The importance of nipping negativity in the bud.
• The power of civility and respect.
• Strategies for managing negativity.
• Creating a harmonious work environment.  ...Read More
Revise Your Job Descriptions: A Workshop for HR & Managers
 • The five benefits of a good job description.
• The three federal laws that require accurate, up-to-date job descriptions.
• Which words create liability, and which words help you avoid it.
• Four simple steps to create accurate and defensible descriptions.
• How to define “essential functions” for ADA purposes.
• Exempt or not? The right language to lock in an employee’s exempt FLSA classification.
• Descriptive but functional language.
• Should they include disclaimers? Yes, and we’ll provide a sample you can include.
• Red flags that invite lawsuits and regulatory problems.
• Why the annual review should always include reassessing the job description.
• Resources for better descriptions.  ...Read More