Payroll Mailbag

Are substitutes for SSNs now allowable on the new W-4 form? … Which W-4 form for rehires: the original, or must they refile using 2020 form? … Plus an all-states chart on 2020 W-4 forms.
Are leave donations to a local charity taxable? … What qualifies as a tax-free achievement award?
Age before taxes on group-term life? … Taxable or not: jackets with company logos?
Reporting health benefits on Form W-2 … Scavenger hunt prizes: Taxable or not?
W-2s: Pay to play? … Reporting taxable perks for VPs
How voluntary is a voluntary wage assignment? … O’Dowd, O Dowd or O-Dowd?
Questions for the Social Security Administration, U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services, and the Office of Child Support Enforcement.
Breaking down an employee’s travel time … Three questions on figuring the regular rate of pay
Employee vs. the IRS: Who wins? … Are employer-provided computers taxable? … 1099s for LLCs: To provide or not to provide … Health insurance reporting for a married couple
Lunch dates with officemates: Are they taxable or not? … Does the presence of a third party change taxation?