Payroll Mailbag

Employee’s craze for crypto leaves Payroll wondering … How do we handle lost checks?
The IRS, Social Security Administration and USCIS field questions at the APA Congress.
What’s a withholding exemption certificate? … The software goofed. Are we liable if employees owe taxes?
Signing bonuses are subject to withholding … Paycard incentives are taxable
What educational assistance can be provided tax-free? … When can we ditch reimbursement paperwork?
Do we need to have a written policy on parking benefits? … When is on-site parking taxable to employees?
Filing W-2s with incorrect SSNs … Checking W-2s with AccuWage Online … Lawsuit settled, but how do we report it?
Are furloughed employees retirement plan participants? … Gift baskets: Taxable or not?
Old standard mileage rate means new W-2 headaches … Are reimbursements for sales tax taxable?
Questions put to reps from other federal agencies at the American Payroll Association’s virtual Congress.