Payroll Mailbag

Questions put to reps from other federal agencies at the American Payroll Association’s virtual Congress.
Stay home! That’s an order … Holiday: When is payday? … Hang up or get fined … Communication breakdown regarding overtime pay
Let’s answer four more of your questions on remote workers, paid sick leave, and COBRA credit.
Interested in taxing interest … How to handle a deceased employee’s final pay … Are wellness benefits taxable? … Employees’ college expenses: Taxable or not?
When are meal expense reimbursements tax-free? … Do naturopathic treatments qualify as medical care?
If we provide cash vaccine incentives, is that taxable? … What if we offer our products as incentives?
Everything is personal, unless it’s not … 12+ EINs, 1 child support order
Can employees use pencils to complete their W-4s? … Can we rectify an employee’s withholding mistake?
How does the 10% bonus rule apply to exempts’ pay? … Correcting a tax deposit in the same quarter
How do we calculate Box 1 wages? … What to do with name changes if SSA offices are closed? … Can we have an ITIN employee?