Payroll Mailbag

Must we correct an employee’s middle name on a W-2? … Who polices exempt W-4s?
Reporting dependent care benefits on W-2s … Reporting overpaid wages on W-2s.
What’s the difference between AccuWage and SSNVS? … W-2 employee, 1099 contractor or both?
In which state is severance pay taxable? … Report travel reimbursements on an employee’s W-2?
Is this commuting or compensable travel time? … When is an employee who travels overnight eligible for OT?
This month we wrap up our coverage of the American Payroll Association’s 40th Annual Congress, held this year in Las Vegas, by reporting questions put to reps from various federal agencies.
The American Payroll Association held its Annual Congress in breezy Las Vegas. This month, we depart from our usual format to report questions put to the Department of Labor.
Employee’s craze for crypto leaves Payroll wondering … How do we handle lost checks?
The IRS, Social Security Administration and USCIS field questions at the APA Congress.
What’s a withholding exemption certificate? … The software goofed. Are we liable if employees owe taxes?