Payroll Mailbag

Interested in taxing interest … How to handle a deceased employee’s final pay … Are wellness benefits taxable? … Employees’ college expenses: Taxable or not?
When are meal expense reimbursements tax-free? … Do naturopathic treatments qualify as medical care?
If we provide cash vaccine incentives, is that taxable? … What if we offer our products as incentives?
Everything is personal, unless it’s not … 12+ EINs, 1 child support order
Can employees use pencils to complete their W-4s? … Can we rectify an employee’s withholding mistake?
How does the 10% bonus rule apply to exempts’ pay? … Correcting a tax deposit in the same quarter
How do we calculate Box 1 wages? … What to do with name changes if SSA offices are closed? … Can we have an ITIN employee?
Relaxation benefits create year-end headaches … Reporting group-term life for furloughed employees
No to holiday party, but yes to holiday swag.
Questions for the Social Security Administration, United States Citizenship and Immigration Services, and the Office of Child Support Enforcement.