Payroll Today

News about the standard mileage rate, leave sharing for Ukraine, 401(k) e-signatures and more.
The American Academy of Actuaries supports the proposal, but three other influential groups oppose it, saying it raises ERISA issues.
Employers agreed: Now is the wrong time to raise the overtime salary threshold.
Here’s yet another reason employers should honor their legal obligations.
In addition to easing processing backlogs, one key reason to promote e-filing is savings. It costs the IRS  26¢ to process an electronic Form 941 or 940, compared to $3.34 for a paper return.
The IRS, Social Security Administration and USCIS field questions at the APA Congress.
The APA Congress addresses nexus issues, cryptocurrency and employee privacy.
Problems reconciling wages reported to the IRS on Form 941 and wages reported to the Social Security Administration on Form W-2 crop up frequently. Here’s advice from the experts speaking at the APA Congress.
The Department of Labor is seeking employer and worker perspectives on making more exempt employees eligible for overtime pay.
News about inflation adjustments for HSAs, (it still exists) and more from the Supreme Court.