State Laws & Charts

If you filed at least 250 W-2s for 2017, you must report the aggregate cost of employees’ health benefits in Box 12, with Code DD.

Does your state require you to provide employees with short-term leave?

If you pay terminating employees late, you could owe a penalty.
This month’s chart lists states’ laws on Vacation Pay on Termination Laws.
This month’s chart lists states’ laws on Direct Deposits and Paycards.
This month’s chart lists states’ annual wage reconciliation and 1099 filing deadlines.
Here is a form you can use when employees request a corrected or reissued W2.
Contact the Social Security Administration’s Employer Service Liaison Officers with questions about e-filing or submitting paper Copy A to the SSA. This chart shows all the contact information you need.
Use this worksheet to reconcile your four quarterly 941s and W-2s, so the amounts you report to the SSA and the IRS match.
Each state has its own W-2 e-filing thresholds and specifications. This chart summarizes those requirements.