Payroll Today

A little employee outreach now can make employees savvier about their health plan options.
The Department of Labor has proposed an interpretive rule seeking to tease out the difference between employees and independent contractors for purposes of the Fair Labor Standards Act.
What promises to be the first of many pandemic-related reasonable cause defenses recently fell flat with the IRS and a federal trial court, too.
During the pandemic, many seasonal businesses have unexpectedly found themselves forced to comply with the FLSA. Now the Department of Labor is cutting those employers a much-needed break.
The calendar says this is the last weekend of summer. So let’s bid a fond farewell to this most discontented season with a roundup of what else happened this week.
Issues and controversies continue to swirl around the deferral of the employees’ 6.2% share of Social Security taxes. Here’s the latest.
Pandemic or not, open enrollment time is rolling around. Among the benefits you’ll probably be adding or enhancing are telehealth services—a virtual visit to the doctor.
The DOL has reaffirmed two aspects of the original regs by bulking up its explanation and revising others. Here’s the rundown.
Every payday is tax day for employees. However, the same is not true for businesses—tomorrow is! Businesses must pay their third quarter estimated taxes by Tuesday, Sept. 15.
While most of the hubbub this week continued to be about the deferral of employees’ Social Security taxes, other stuff happened, too.