Payroll Today

This is a rather salient issue now, as so many employees are working from home.
At the American Payroll Association’s annual Congress, Sunita Lough, Esq., deputy IRS commissioner for services and enforcement and Janine Cook, Esq., deputy chief counsel for exempt organizations and employment tax, were able to reach out with critical payroll information.
The provisions of the Paycheck Protection Program Flexibility Act of 2020 are of immediate concern to Payroll.
Every year, the American Payroll Association gathers the most respected payroll industry representatives for an annual Congress.
The death toll from covid-19 has now passed 100,000. It’s time to revisit a topic we always dread: paying deceased employees’ final wages.
You should take this opportunity to reexamine your timekeeping system. Their role has evolved way beyond preventing buddy-punching.
After a short lull, the IRS is again issuing payroll-related pandemic tax relief. Congress is back to passing pandemic-related bills. As we head into the weekend, here’s the latest.
Applying for forgiveness for PPP loans will be more complicated than applying for them.
We’ve become easy prey for phishers or scammers who are impersonating contact tracers.
Since your tax liability has been impacted by all the CARES Act payroll tax credits, the IRS has had to revise the instructions for Schedule B.