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Due to the overall drop in elective healthcare spending, group health insurers are providing rebates to group health plans. But rebates attributable to employees’ pretax contributions are most likely taxable.
It would be generous to say the rollout of some of the pandemic-related payroll tax relief has been chaotic. If you’ve been caught up in this particular vortex, now’s your chance to tell the IRS.

Last chance on PPP loans

June 22, 2020

If you want to get in on the deal, now’s the time to do it.
Welcome to Friday. As has now become our custom, we’re going to tie up some loose ends, so you can have a worry-free weekend.
The pandemic has created a perfect storm for hackers—employees who are working at home at substantially less secure computers are contacting their 401(k) plans to complete applications for pandemic-related loans and distributions.
Is anyone keeping track of the Small Business Administration’s interim final rules to the Paycheck Protection Program? We know there have been at least six interim final rules.
It’s not a secret that IRS employees were working at home during the pandemic. Its computers, on the other hand, never stopped working. And that’s the problem. Computers kept generating balance-due notices no one could mail.
The Small Business Administration has issued yet another interim final rule on the Payroll Protection Program, affecting loan forgiveness.
In honor of baseball, we’re going to highlight an IRS ruling that denied an organization of umpires tax-exempt status because the group had no social purpose other than to benefit its members—the umps.
When you’re knowledgeable about how other aspects of your business work, payroll professionals are better able to make recommendations on process improvements.