Payroll Mailbag

What qualifies as a 401(k) hardship distribution? … What payments are subject to child support withholding?
Too many child support orders for comfort … Parsing the travel rules when employees aren’t away from home
No, this isn’t a valid W-4 … No, that’s not the employee’s official start date
Are expenses paid directly to third parties still taxable? … Are parking stipends excludable as transportation fringes?
Odd apostrophe in first name causes W-2 consternation … Name or gender problem: we can’t decide
Are gift cards taxable if employees purchase them personally? … Who pays uncollected FICA taxes on company cars?
The IRS has listened to a chorus of critics and backed down on its incredibly complicated vision of a new W-4.
Is a midyear entry into a cafeteria plan allowable? … Can employees take home old computers for free?
Questions for the Office of Child Support Enforcement and U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services.
How do we report a long address? … How far back must corrections go? … Urban legend or not: What is the earnings suspense file? … So many Social Security cards! Which version is right?