Alice Gliman

The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau is looking for employee input on the effect of employers charging them for the value of training if they terminate too soon.
The IRS isn’t the only federal agency interested in ensuring employers deposit funds withheld from employees’ paychecks. The Department of Labor is, too—and it’s collaborating with the IRS on enforcement activities.
A lawsuit argues the Department of Labor mishandled its recent advice on offering cryptocurrency as a 401(k) investment option.
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On-demand pay can easily cause more problems than it solves. Ask these questions before deciding whether to offer the benefit.
A new warning from several federal agencies highlights a growing problem: scammers who impersonate law enforcement officials.
How the rules on qualified transportation fringe benefits affect incentives that reward employees for riding their bikes to work.
What to tell employees about medical-loss rebates when insurers don’t spend enough on care.
News of note from the IRS, the federal Office of Child Support Enforcement and the Department of Labor.
Complicated legal issues can arise when remote workers are laid off or otherwise terminated.