Alice Gliman

Before taking off for a long holiday weekend, here’s all the latest payroll-related news you can use.
With the rise of remote work, states have a renewed interest in determining where your employees actually live. Maximizing tax revenues requires it.
In the wake of the Supreme Court’s Dobbs decision, employers considering covering employee travel to receive medical care have decisions to make about benefits.
Backlogs processing individual and business tax returns and 941s—as well as delays responding to taxpayer requests for assistance—has the IRS playing defense.
Payroll Today’s Friday wrap of news payroll pros like you can use.
Here are three ways in which the IRS says “No!” to schemes to reimburse employees’ health plan premiums on a tax-free basis.
Senate committees consider two bills that could eventually complement the Secure 2.0 legislation the House passed in March.
The Supreme Court rules: Federal Arbitration Act takes precedence when claims allege violations of a California’s PAGA law.
Payroll Today’s Friday wrap of news payroll pros like you can use.
The IRS has postponed until after Jan. 3, 2023, assessing the 100% penalty for failing to pay payroll taxes withheld but not deposited because of pandemic-related tax credits. The key: Penalties are postponed, not cancelled.