Alice Gliman

The mandatory vaccination cases aren’t going anywhere soon, as employers and the federal government are leaning on such policies. But two recent decisions also remind us that pandemic-related lawsuits come in many flavors.
Educational assistance will also benefit employees who’ve been on long furloughs and need to polish up their skills. The tax code lets you do this in two ways: An easy way and a hard way.
We’ve got a couple of beefs about the IRS and its FAQs. Can you rely on them?
We’ve written about how HIPAA’s wellness plans affect covid vaccinations. But there’s another aspect to HIPAA—privacy—that is less understood and often overlooked. Let’s air out some of those issues now.
We’ve even got a bizarre story of a tax protestor with a very unusual view of copyrights.
A possible retroactive end of the employee retention credit could create headaches for you, if you’ve already budgeted for the credit during the fourth quarter.
The 2022 taxable wage base for the Social Security portion of FICA increases to $147,000, the Social Security Administration announced this morning. This is a 2.94% hike over the 2021 wage base of $142,800.
This isn’t the first time we’ve written about new benefits and the difficulties of payroll taxation. Sadly, it probably won’t be the last.
Mark your calendar: By next Friday, the Social Security Administration will have released the all-important 2022 Social Security taxable wage base and other figures, like the 2022 earnings test amounts for retirees who go back to work. We’ll report on these developments as soon as the SSA releases the figures.
And what’s a confusing IRS notice without more confusion, in the form of transition relief?