Alice Gliman

Friday is still a payroll tax deposit day, student loans are still frozen and more.
Accurate wage information is the bedrock of Social Security benefits administration, and SSA reps Chuck Liptz, Matt Newton and Mia Paylor want to ensure Payroll’s reporting is as precise as possible. Liptz, Newton and Paylor hosted a webinar on Nov. 18 to get Payroll up to speed on changes the SSA is making for filing 2022 W-2s.
The American Payroll Association, in conjunction with Ceridian, has surveyed members and subscribers about the future of your function. Here’s what you said.
Draft payroll forms, the end of e-sigs, open enrollment and more.
S corps, named after Subchapter S of the tax code, offer shareholders the legal protections of corporate status without the pesky problem of having to pay corporate taxes. Instead, the profits and losses pass through to the shareholders, who account for the associated income and taxes on their 1040s. But navigating the S corp rules keeps tripping up shareholders.
The IRS remains undaunted in its drive to get withholding as accurate as possible, despite employees’ apathy toward the project. It’s redesigned Form W-4P to resemble the W-4. And worse, it’s split pension withholding into withholding on periodic payments and withholding on nonperiodic payments, for which it’s created a new Form W-4R.
The big bosses—a/k/a federal agencies—have noticed the proliferation of bossware, and they are not amused. The National Labor Relations Board has announced its opposition to this practice in a memorandum.
Remember the tech boom? Tech companies provided their employees with enviable benefits—gourmet food in company cafeterias, game rooms, concierge services and, of course, the ever popular bring your pet to work day(s). Many of these same perks are back, but not with the aim of keeping employees in the office. The goal this time is the same as it’s been for months now: to get employees back into the office for good.
Final FUTA credit reduction states, the EEOC’s five-year plan, 403(b) plan changes and more.

This COBRA has fangs

November 10, 2022

Layoffs at several large tech companies this week should remind you of your obligation under COBRA to notify terminating employees of their health-care continuation rights and the risks you take by not notifying them.