Thanks to the Protecting Americans from Tax Hikes Act of 2015, small startup businesses now qualify for the research and development tax credit.
Never give the IRS a choice about how to calculate penalties.
If you use commercial payroll software, beware.
No doubt, 2016 will be the most challenging year-end season in a long time.
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July 2016 is the target date for the Department of Labor’s final regulations that increase the guaranteed weekly salary employees must earn to be considered exempt employees under the Fair Labor Standards Act.
Congress’ retroactive reinstatement of parity between mass transit benefits and employer-provided parking is no favor to Payroll.
Odds are your company has a website. If you’re thinking of enhancing that website, say, with employee-written blogs, be careful. A federal trial court provided a stark reminder of the Fair Labor Standards Act’s rule that nonexempts can’t volunteer any time to their employers when it ruled that a nonexempt who volunteered to write a company blog can pursue her claim for unpaid overtime.
Just how far does Payroll have to go to accommodate an employee or job applicant’s religious beliefs under Title VII, the federal antidiscrimination law?
Last fall, the IRS launched a new pilot program, called the Early Interaction Initiative. This initiative is designed to help employers catch up on their payment and reporting responsibilities.