Vote early, vote often

October 21, 2018

It’s said that Chicago mobster Al Capone coined the adage, “Vote early, vote often.” Some doubt that attribution, but there’s no denying that Election Day is a scant two months away and everyone should exercise their franchise. While more employees may be voting by mail this year, others will still make a trip to the voting booth. You can help by letting employees take time off from work to vote. In fact, you may not have much choice in the matter; some states require you to give employees this time off.

STATE LAWS: The chart below summarizes each state’s time-off-to-vote law, including whether you must pay employees for this time. Most states require time off only if employees don’t have sufficient time to vote either before or after work. Since chart space is limited, states without laws have been omitted. As with all state laws, contact your state labor department for the whole story.


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