Expect an outbreak of wedding bells among your employees later this year. HR and payroll should start preparing now to process name changes.
Here’s your monthly guide to critical payroll due dates.
If employees can find 30 minutes for a lunch break somewhere in their busy days, and you have a procedure, which employees know how to use, for overriding software that auto-deducts for meals, then employees can’t claim you didn’t know they were working through lunch. Result: No liability under the Fair Labor Standards Act.
Everything is personal, unless it’s not … 12+ EINs, 1 child support order
Final regulations, effective for tax years beginning after Dec. 31, 2019, affirm the disallowance of your corporate deduction for providing qualified transportation fringe benefits to employees. The final regs follow the basic contours of the proposed regs, with a new carve-out for parking at remote workplaces.
Filling out your first-quarter 941 form is one of the “writes” of spring. Here’s help.
There are three key payroll questions if employees hold nonstatutory stock options: What’s taxable? When is it taxable? When do I deposit the taxes? The IRS, in legal advice issued by the Associate Chief Counsel’s Office, answers these questions.
The withholding process is basically airtight, which is good for you. No matter how original employees get in their lawsuits, withholding can’t be challenged in court right off the bat. And here are two employee lawsuits to prove it.
News on PPP deadlines, FLSA regulations, and the IRS’ fight to keep up with call volume.
Last year’s paid sick leave provisions are certain to be included in the final bill and will flip the payroll tax credit from your portion of Social Security taxes to your portion of Medicare taxes. Here are some areas where advance planning can pay off.